COVID-19 questions in WhiMSICAL Registry

WM Patients anywhere in the world can participate, whether or not they have been tested, or had the infection.. They can complete the Registry questionnaire, which now includes COVID-19 specific questions, To take part, you can login or register and consent at, and then answer the questions. Answers can be continually updated, so if you are tested later, you can enter the results of your COVID-19 test as soon as it is available and afterwards, return to update how COVID-19 impacted you. If you become unwell, you can have your close ones update your answers for you (with your login details). That way you will be helping researchers get the full picture of how severely COVID-19 impacts WM patients.

The COVID-19 question can be accessed at question 19 of the Questionnaire at . For those new to WhiMSICAL, please provide registration details (questions 1 and 2), Consent and enter “Waldenström’s Macroglobulinemia” as your diagnosis (question 3). All participants should complete the COVID-19 questions (question 19) and enter or update details of your treatment (question 9) and quality of life (questions 20 and 21). We also encourage you to enter or update details in other questions as we seek to provide big-data to describe the WM patient experience with WhiMSICAL. A valuable project you can complete in stages during your social distancing!

For further information on WhiMSICAL, click here (link),     or contact       or phone Andrew Warden Mob.0408 303 718