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WMozzies was amongst ten cancer organisations representing 500,000 Australians living with cancer in a letter to leaders of the major political parties.  Each leader was asked to respond and endorse the Senate Community Affairs Committee’s recommendations regarding access to new,  innovative and specialist cancer medicines: The following aspects were of particular interest:

  • Increased consumer involvement in all aspects of PBAC decision making and in any review of the registration and subsidisation processes
  • Improved flexibility in regulations around the access and analysis of data, particularly combined MBS and PBS data
  • Establishment of a National Register of Cancer Medicines to ensure we can make assessment of the value of all medicines

Leukaemia Foundation (LF) strongly supports WMozzies

Leukaemia Foundation (LF) strongly supports WMozzies’ efforts to focus on our specific concerns for access and funding for best available WM treatments.

Dr Anna Williamson head of LF advocacy has provided wide ranging coaching for WM advocacy. This has included WMozzies attendance at:

  • Cancer Drugs Alliance Stakeholder Canberra Forum held 26-27 March 2014 for patient groups, clinicians, academics, politicians, bureaucrats and the medicines industry. Key issues included:
  • Adequacy of  Australian system for providing access to cancer medicines
  • Ways for the consumer voice to be heard effectively with regard to access to cancer medicines
  • Impact of the regulatory and reimbursement environments on clinical practice
  • Valuation of  cancer medicines
  • Appropriate evidentiary requirements for cancer medicines
  • Health Economics in Cancer Research workshop on the PBAC submission process on 14-15 April 2014
  • Health Consumer Advocacy Workshop on Engagement, Advocacy and Alliances on 24-25 August 2014

WMozzies in launch of new cancer group ACCN

Senator O’Neill,Andrew Warden,Dan Tehan MP at ACCN Directory launch

Senator O’Neill, Andrew Warden, Dan Tehan MP at ACCN Directory launch



On 26 November 2014 WMozzies attended the launch in Parliament House Canberra of the Who’s Who of 28 Australian Cancer Consumer Groups including WMozzies. This initiative of the newly formed Australian Cancer Consumer Network (ACCN) and led by Cancer Voices Australia was supported by the Co-chairs Parliamentarians Supporting Cancer Causes Dan Tehan MP and Senator Deborah O’Neill





WMozzies works with Cancer Drug Alliance

With the Cancer Drugs Alliance post forum activities WMozzies has participated in the working group for establishing a national chemotherapy registry and the consumer working group which made a submission in March 2015 to the Senate Enquiry on availability of new, innovative and specialist cancer drugs in Australia.

WMozzies also was signatory to Senate Enquiry by Rare Cancers Australia and Cancer Voices Australia. Individual submissions by WMozzies were also made to the Senate Enquiry.