Support group contacts

WMozzies has five support groups across Australia as shown. In each state the contact points are the Leukaemia Foundation professional support coordinators. The Leukaemia Foundation’s highly trained support service team, consisting of some fifty nurses, social workers, psychologists and administration staff. Support services are available in 28 offices, both in metropolitan and regional areas throughout Australia. Services provided by the Leukaemia Foundation for WMozzies include emotional support, information, education programs, and advocacy.

 The contacts listed above are comprised of Leukaemia Foundation Support Services Coordinators and WMozzies volunteers. The WMozzies contacts listed are WM patients who are willing to share their experiences.  They are not doctors or medical professionals, and they do not give medical advice or treatment recommendations.  They also form an advisory group who liaise with the International Waldenström’s Macroglobulinemia Foundation (IWMF) and the Leukaemia Foundation on behalf of WMozzies. WMozzies has no formal organisation structure, no staff, no office and no funds.

WMozzies volunteers work jointly with the Leukaemia Foundation (LF) and the IWMF in supporting the WM community. The roles of LF and IWMF are detailed in following sections of the website.