About publications


Booklets and other publications are published by the IWMF to address many aspects of the disease. They provide the WM patient and caregiver with the information needed to confront the diagnosis of WM, to cope during therapy, and to emerge a survivor. These publications include Content that:

  • Provides answers to basic questions about WM
  • Explains how to interpret various medical and blood tests
  • Outlines the intricacies of the immune system
  • Discusses options when treatment is needed


Most of these publications are directed to laypersons, and they are revised continually as the knowledge of WM advances.

Units of measure in the IWMF publications are US and differ from Australian units of measure as shown in the following table:


Comparison of US and differing Australian units of Measure

Components Abbreviation Units of Measure
      Australian US
White blood cells (Leukocytes) WBC x 109/L x 103/µL
Lymphocytes, absolute LY, abs x 109/L x 103/µL
Monocytes, absolute MO, abs x 109/L x 103/µL
Granulocytes, absolute GR, abs x 109/L x 103/µL
Neutrophils, absolute NE, abs x 109/L x 103/µL
Eosinophils, absolute EOS, abs x 109/L x 103/µL
Basophils, absolute BAS, abs x 109/L x 103/µL
Red blood cells (Erythrocytes) RBC x 1012/L x 106/µL
Haemoglobin HgB g/L g/dL
Hematocrit HCT L/L %
Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration MCHC g/L g/dL
Platelets PLT x 109/L x 103/µL or K/µL
IgG Serum Immunoglobulin IgG g/L mg/dL
IgA Serum Immunoglobulin IgA g/L mg/dL
IgM Serum Immunoglobulin IgM g/L mg/dL



IWMF publications can be downloaded directly from the IWMF website. Publications can be downloaded here.