Directory of Australian Doctors  

International Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Foundation (IWMF) provides a Physician Directory. All the physicians including Australians in the IWMF Directory have agreed to be included in the directory for consultation to patients, as well as other physicians.   The IWMF does not in any way endorse the individuals listed in the Physician Directory, nor does the IWMF verify their medical qualifications. Also, please note that it is impossible to list every physician/researcher with extensive knowledge of WM in every country. The IWMF Physician Directory is intended to serve as a guide for WM patients and caregivers and for the medical professionals who treat them.

In Australia WMozzies does not publish a local directory. The Australian haematology profession prefers, for referrals, that haematologists and patients contact multidisciplinary haematology centres to identify a WM haematologist willing and able to provide a consultation for a patient with WM.

CanferCancer Referrals Network provides referral information on cancer services in NSW and ACT including Multidisciplinary Centres offering Haematology consultations.