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Support in Australia


WMozzies is the Australian patient support group of the International Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Foundation (IWMF).

To join WMozzies, you please provide your details through this Join WMozzies. Please provide your name, email address, postal address and phone number.

The WMozzies Facebook Page

WMozzies in conjunction with the Leukaemia Foundation have a private group on Facebook called the WM-Network – Leukaemia Foundation.

Using this group you will be able to post comments & more importantly, any questions that you are seeking answers for. Questions that other members of the group might be able to answer for you.

To join the group, you firstly need to have an account with Facebook.

Once you have an account, or if you are already a user of Facebook, click on this link WM-Network – Leukaemia Foundation. and your web browser will open at the WM-Network page. Then click on the join button. Complete the information requested. One of our moderators will then approve your request within a few days.

You will then be able to access the group, each time you use Facebook.

Other Support

We appreciate that not everyone wants to join Facebook. We therefore provide this contact form, in which you may ask questions. The contact form goes to an email address that will be monitored by key members of WMozzies and they will do there best to help you. However we are all volunteers, so please be patient, if we don’t answer straight away.

To contact us please go to the contact form

Leukaemia Foundation

The Leukaemia Foundation has offices in all states & their location together with their contact details can be found by going to the Leukaemia Foundation Website:


Please also go to our page on the Leukaemia Foundation for further information.

Find a Haematologist

The best way to find a Haematologist for your GP to refer you to is to look for a hospital that has a large cancer treatment centre associated with it, either public or private.

The IWMF has a list of doctors that has been acknowledged by them as having a high level of expertise in WM. In addition to consulting with patients, they are also performing research into Waldenstrom’s.

The IWMF list of doctors can be accessed at:


Please go to page two of the list.