About Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia

The better informed you are, the better your chances for successfully managing your WM and maintaining a good quality of life.

This section provides links to IWMF material providing a wealth of information about WM.

Link to the IWMF page for newly diagnosed patients and caregivers

To get you started here is a link from the link above, which gives you an overview of Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia

AboutWMExpandedFactSheet-English-1.pdf (iwmf.com)

If you then click on the link to the IWMF page, you will see that are various videos that you can watch & Information Packets (Info Pak) that you can download.

Whilst this is coming from an American Website, the information is just as relevant in Australia as it is in the USA. WMozzies itself is affiliated with the IWMF as one of it international support groups.

In reading the various booklets, you will find that some measurements in the US are different to the blood tests in Australia. To assist you with the conversion, the following table can be used:


In addition to the IWMF Website there is significant help available to you in Australia & you can find this information on our “Get Support” page on this website. Click on the link.